RCA Concept Cars

RCA Concept Cars


Royal College of Arts has truly crafted some royally spectacular designs of concept cars that do not yet soar in to the skies but look almost good enough to go around as alien creations that are crafted for inter-planetary journey travelling at the speed of light. Being constantly in touch with almost every single concept car design on a daily basis and having seen more than a few personally it is pretty hard to get surprised anymore consistently. But once in a while amazing designs like this come along which take the standards several notches higher by not just producing ‘Spielberg’ styled stuff, but also making them energy-efficient and emission free!


These concept cars build upon the RCA’s world-renowned vehicle design program, which has produced many exceptional designers over its 40 years of existence. Now that nearly every major auto manufacturer has announced plans for an energy-efficient automobile, these breathtaking designs should set a whole new standard in eco-design as we venture in to a future that holds a millions surprises which we hope are filled with green goodness.


Pierre Sabas’ Airflow concept encases an electric engine and suspension within an exterior constructed entirely of glass, while Jon Radbrink’s Nuaero car integrates sophisticated aerodynamic principles such as airfoils, a venturi tunnel, and a catamaran-esque underbody to maximize its efficiency. Sergio Loureiro Da Silva’s rocket-red Phoenix car pairs beautiful aerodynamic curves with a system that regenerates lost energy through movement, and Arturo Peralta Nogueras’ futuristic vehicle runs on algae and features an evolving solid hologram technology to adapt to its environment, passengers, and scenarios.


You just have to sit back and take a moment to allow this amazing work to actually sink in as it would still look unreal. All I can say is that, “Thank God we had photography or all the words in the world could not have conveyed the sense of spectacle that I have just witnessed.”


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