The flow of wind

The flow of wind

Since the appearance of the first car its design has been significantly changed. Modern cars are very fast, comfortable, and aerodynamic, yet it's not the limit of the development in this domain. Thus Japanese designers have recently managed to create quite a futuristic car that looks very unusual.

This latest design direction of Mazda Company was called "Taiki". The appearance of such an original design was inspired by the shape and flow of wind. Their challenge was to create "a design that visually expresses the flow of air and the atmosphere" - called "taiki" in Japanese. The shape of the car's back, especially of the back wheels, has no right lines, but curves. It's so unusual that it's hardly possible to imagine that there was something of this kind before. Due to its shape given concept seems to be extremely aerodynamic, yet no other information about its characteristic features is available.

Anyway this gadget can be considered as a very forward thinking one. I would say that it's a breath of fresh air in a slightly stale auto show season. However it's not the fact that there will be a significant number of proponents of such a bold design.

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