Gambar modif suzuki swift pick-up

Figures 17 years may be very impressive for a new child gede. Age segitu usually be the most beautiful. But if 17 days to be feeling a hell Dadang Rachman. The big names as Dadang modifikator be staked. He must prove in 17 days is able to realize the Swift Pick Up order ATPM Suzuki.

"Slaphappy boss, but the name of belief must be maintained as well as possible," Dadang believe that the difficulty to maintain the strength of construction Suzuki Swift. Once the C pillars are removed to make swift pick-up this means the power structure sasis change, not more prevalent.
"I make up stout rod brace on the inside," Dadang I believe that this new construction is used strong way. "I walk to Bandung drive this," Tantang Dadang. Oops, first ntar streets boss! Still working, hehehe ....

Dadang still groggy another matter. This time must be behind glass and hand made enggak have a match. "It is looking enggak but met a direct fit. I finally have a message 4 times loh glass. His search for the most perfect, "added Dadang. Is not made of rounded, he said adjust the form of a glass front.

Especially if the final touch of white paint is not appropriate concept Suzuki booth. whel ring 17 brands Mesh Monoblock selected the contrast with the color black. And it is reported to modify this unique, Suzuki cost more than Rp 120 million. Wah, Swift again dapet tuh!


Review following the car also is a member of the club car Domino-R in the city of Medan. BMW 318i output in 1998 is owned by Budiman Candra, students IBI Medan. "The theme this car modification" Extreme ", in which ideas - idea influenced many of the modifications car - a BMW car on the internet, especially BMW Motor Sport," said the man berpostur gambot ini.Dengan budget approved spend about Rp.100 million, Budi confess take one year for the car mendadani in accordance with the desired theme. Item changes carried in exterior, including custom body kits, wide body and over Fender custom BMW M3, and cutting sticker. For feet - feet, among other changes velg IF ring 20, Yokohama 245/35R20 tires, and per Koni.

In the interior, carried the changes include Recaro racing seats, Isotta wheel, pedal Snitzer, Momo shift knob, Pivot turbo timer, speedometer Defi. And the dashboard, pillars - pillars and door trim car use carbon Kevlar material.

Entertainment features to the car audio system, and carried headunit CD-Changer 12 chip from Pioneer, a unit of power Sound Stream, a unit of Sierra speaker 6 ", one unit Ligtning Audio subwoofer 12", and one capacitor bank Intersys 1.5 farad. "The installation of audio streams is a specific SQ or SPL. Clear, I hear music like R & B and trance in the car, "said Budi.Sayang dikeikutsertaannya the first contest in this modification ABT desires have not been accomplished. Men who joined in the Domino-R at the beginning of 2008 this hope can be signed in King Nominee. If that so, come back again next year, dude ...


Event ABT Medan 2008 event can be spelled "come back" to its owner's car this one. "Two years ago I came down in ABT Medan. While years ago I had a follow-up, because the task is outside the city, "said Santo, owner Mitsubishi Galant following the release in 1998.
Men who joined the club in the Domino-R car in the city of Medan this mengusung theme "touring car" in the modified car. "In the event ABT Medan this time, I have three targets, Best touring Look, Best Mitsubishi, and Best Cutting Sticker," augment him.

To reach that target, Santo supply changes on the car with the engine, exterior and interior. While the audio system does not Dilirik. Hence the back of the cabin left melompong alias plain.

Literary work in the engine, including engine to swap VR4 turbo engine with intercooler engine which is a built-up Mitsubishi Galant. On the exterior, the changes include cutting sticker full body, wide body, a custom body kit, custom wing, rear mirror acryllic, HKS exhaust, velg Volk Racing TE 37, Pirelli Dragon 225/35 tires, and the informer carbon Kevlar. On the interior, the changes include Recaro racing seats, wheel and pedal set Sparco. Meanwhile, oil temperature indicator, water temperature, and boost controler using lansiran Defi. Melangkapi theme modifications in the interior, roll bar Santo provide custom 6-point in the car cabin.

With the stock like this, it seems quite competitive target Santo kan .... How, Mr. - Mr. jury?

Honda Civic Street Fashion

modif extreem
warna emas
body paint car

There are two Civic that inhabit the area display New-D (Dimension Club) in the event Djarum Black Autoblackthrough 2008 series Medan. If the one (green) mengusung concept JGTC (Japanesse touring the Grand Championship), another case with the Civic this one. Attend the third time in the same place, some changes disetting back for pursuing the concept of "Street Fashion" as the flow of diusungnya now.
Based on the functionality of vehicles daily, Aliong (31), representing the owner Rendy Gono are currently proceeding studies in Kuala Lumpur, menuturkan some changes that directly dibesutnya special event for 2008.modif mobil

"For 2008 we are doing the addition in pengecatan, engine accessories, some made from carbon interior and most of the main terms of entertainment we are now more full than yesterday," said the man who daily work in the workshop this NX bit singkat.Dan indeed, the one that now looks quite prominent, in addition to some additional modifications, such as carbon bonnet custom, custom luggage, Veilside wing custom paint and carbon airbrush tribal gradation added, the surplus in the sector referred to the Audio modifikator as the main focus of the Civic jebolan young this year.sound car

"The target we are now racing the same street NGEJAR audio mas," accuse him. And on the basis that Aliong also spend most time on the detail processing system entertainment device in the back seat of the total has changed functions. With the application device set Speaker Venom 4, 6 fruit subwoofer, Head avt, 3 TV Rockford tersokong 5 Power Venom and 3 fruit capacitors, Aliong also mengkalim uniqueness that makes it different in the event this time ABT 2008.

"The design of this can be dismantled audionya post, so can be removed detached ga-like audio other modifications." he said offshore. Meanwhile, when asked about the reason mengusung street fashion instead of street racing as one of the co-klubnya, unadorned Aliong said, "Yes this vehicle is basically a day-to-day use, if for street racing, street in Medan, has not been feasible to dimaksimalkan I, "he added again.

Modifikasi Grand Vitara “Dub City”

Modifikasi Grand Vitara “Dub City”Not only modified car show imut as KARIMUN ESTILLO, Swift or SX4. But Suzuki also build Konsen roll back its Grand Vitara. As one of the gacoan Suzuki dikelas Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), the flow of modifications Dub City is considered fit for bongsornya body.

The concept is the result of the selected Modifikasi Grand Vitara “Dub City” parties with the Suzuki modifikator, Edwin's Autospot. "Yes, this concept fit for the Grand Vitara that want to appear in the style of the city," said Edwin. His course, the impression bling-bling and luxury pity should be taken when the dust of the road.

Pelek large ring labeled EXE Pegasus 22 selected the heavily chroom. Feel kinclongnya here provide important value in maintaining the concept of Dub City. Change body modifikator also made a mangkal dikawasan Kebayoran Baru, Jakbar ini.Tak too extreme, but quite comfortable seen eye. Round front-rear fender and remove the ban serep in the house back door is enough to make viewing of the Grand Vitara is sweet.

Naksir? They say the car can take you home with Rp 83.6 million increase from the price of default. However, with the money you segitu also has the right to audio devices Swan Ice 2 Din DVD-701 6.5 ", the two Swan Ice headrest monitors 7" and the Swan & Ice satellite subwoofer.

machine V6 Overview mazda

The V6 configuration appears in 1.8, 2.0, 2.25 and 2.5 litre displacements.
- 2.25V6 - worlds only Miller-Cycle (MC) as opposed to Otto-Cycle engine, using an 8 to 1 compression ratio with 10 to 1 power ratio for improved power to fuel consumption ratio. The MC uses a twin-intercooled Lysholm-screw Autorotor supercharger (the worlds most compact & most efficient) to deliver 210-230lb/ft at 3500rpm with 0-60 of 7.9secs from the 4-speed ATX, power of a 3.2-3.5V6, yet fuel economy of a 2.1V6.

- 2.5V6 - two variations of the 2.5V6 exist, as well as a Twin-Turbo form. The KL form is a detuned variant of the KL-ZE, offering power & fuel economy of a 2.2V6 (based on output of the 2.0V6). The KL-ZE is the 200bhp sports 2.5V6, achieving up to 94bhp/litre without expense of VVT.
Picture Courtesy of Dimas (Sephiro), 94 Ford Probe GT

- All V6s - all Normally Aspirated V6s feature a Variable Resonance Intake System (VRIS), the same concept as later used by Porsche on their 3.6 and Ferrari in much more sophisticated form on their V12. VRIS was first used by Mazda in their older 158bhp 2.0i-16 UK engine in 1989 and ensures the widest possible area under the torque curve rather than a purely headline peak figure. The VRIS efficiency contributes to the V6s noted low fuel consumption, with the 7500rpm (2.5) or 7800rpm (2.0) limits rarely being called upon, and averages of 27-29mpg (imperial) in urban driving and up to 32-36mpg (imperial) highway being the norm.

Engine Architecture
V6 engines are all-alloy DOHC 24V 60-degree-V6. A split-crankcase (as 911 flat-6) is used offering exceptional rigidity over traditional bearing-cap solutions and not only to high-rpm capability as proved in SuperTouring Car racing in up to 430-480bhp N/Aspirated form, but also reducing NVH data to set a benchmark in 1992 winning German engine awards. Bearings are four 4-bolt mains, with a further pair of bolts at each bearing section, key journals & bearings are oversized, bearings themselves are triple-layer heavy-duty spec. Crankshaft is forged, nitrided, triple-lapped, mirror finished. Piston squirters in upper bearing journals aid cooling. Exhaust valves are stainless steel. Pistons & rods are lightweight to reduce reciprocating mass, and the very short-stroke design aids longevity considerably. Piston skirts are Moly coated.

Piston & ring velocities are lower than those for the I4 engines. Quantitatively, the 2.5V6 Mean Piston Speed (MPS) is a very low 3170ft/min at redline and the 2.0I4 MPS is 3928ft/min at redline, the V6s very short stroke producing low crank angles thus minimising main & rod bearing load. For rings the 2.5V6 uses 1.5mm top ring allowing a Maximum Piston Acceleration (MPA) of 77,000ft/sec^2, yet the engine at redline experiencing an MPA of only 51,354ft/sec^2. The 2.0I4 uses a 1.17mm top ring allowing a Maximum Piston Acceleration (MPA) of 105,000ft/sec^2, with the engine at redline experiencing an MPA of 70,157ft/sec^2. Both engines have exceptional design margins, the V6 is particularly under-stressed even in KL-ZE form.


List of Mazda engines

Mazda makes both piston and Wankel "rotary" engines. This page summarizes the various engine families and variations.

* 1 Piston Engines
o 1.1 V-twin
o 1.2 Straight-4
o 1.3 V6
* 2 Wankel engines

Piston Engines

Even though Mazda is better known for their Wankel "rotary" engines, the company has been manufacturing piston engines since the earliest years of the Toyo Kogyo company. Early on, they produced overhead cams, aluminum blocks, and an innovative block containing both the engine and transmission in one unit. This section summarizes piston engine developments. Note that Mazda has produced many piston engines, but only V-twin, straight-4, and V6 configurations, never a V8, straight-5, or V12!


* V-twin - Half-liter air-cooled V2 (1961-1963)


* OHV engines - 300 cc–1.2 L OHV I4 (1961–1974)
* xC engines - 1.0 L–1.8 L SOHC I4 (1965–1983)
* E family - 1.1 L–1.5 L SOHC I4 (1980–1986)
* F family - 1.8 L–2.3 L SOHC I4 (1979–1999)
* G family - 2.5 L–2.6 L I4 (1989–1999)
* B family - 1.3 L–1.8 L SOHC/DOHC I4 (1987–present)
* Z/MZ family - 1.25 L–2.3 L DOHC I4 (1995–present)
o MZI - Ford Zetec SE
o MZ-CD - Ford/PSA Duratorq
* Keicar engines - Suzuki-made I4
* Diesel - 1.4 L–4.6 L I4
* YF - 2.0 L I4 for Mazda Tribute


Mazda has created three families of in-house V6 engines. Today, however, their primary engine is a Ford design.

* J family - 2.0 L–3.0 L 90° V6 (–1995)
* K family - 1.8 L–2.5 L 60° V6
* Diesel - 4.1 L–5.5 L ZB/ZC V6
* AJ/MZI - 2.5 L and 3.0 L V6 - The Mazda version of the Ford Duratec DOHC V6 is, of course, not a Mazda engine at all.

Wankel engines

Mazda is the only producer of successful Wankel engines, positioning them as a prime sports car powerplant. All of Mazda's Wankels are based on their first design of the 1960s, though there have been significant developments over the four decades since.

* Wankel family - 1.0 L-2.0 L Wankel (1967–present)
o 10A - 1.0 L (1967–1973)
o 10B - 1.0 L (1968–1972)
o 13A - 1.3 L (1970–1972)
o 12A - 1.1 L (1970–1985)
o 13B - 1.3 L (1973–2002)
o 20B - 2.0 L three-rotor (1990–1996)
o RENESIS - 1.3 L (2004–)


By the modifications an extreme, the automotive willing to pay hundreds of millions of rupiah. For people like this, the car is not as a means of transportation, but has become a symbol of prestige and achievement.
Every human being has the character and enjoyment different, so the car modification to the extreme. Budiman Parin, modifikator Auto Design explains, so that's going harmony between car and owner, modifications must be in accordance with the extreme characters owner. For example, the executive of a day-to-day access, lack of suitable modifications in sport cars, such as the type of man this is only suitable modifications in the car with elegant,

There are three types of modifications to the extreme, that is elegant, sport, and show car. The modified part is usually velg, body, interior, engine and leg-foot. As well as modifications that are usually extremely elegant, with a marked change velg greater Ince is 19, body to be more flat (short-Red), elegant interior, for example, where there is wine, luxurious sofa seats and sound system is expensive.
"For elegant, a modified car is usually the output of premium cars in Europe, because Europe's premium body larger and beautiful. Premium does not mean Japan can not be modified, could be! Peminatnya not only the level of premium cars such as Europe, "said the man who was born in Jakarta, 7 October 1978 this.
Enthusiasts elegant extreme modification is usually the well-established executive, age 35 years and above. "Cars have become a lifestyle for people like this. Cars represent the personality and achievement. The beautiful and expensive cost of modification, the higher the performance, "added Parin.
Speed Extreme Sport
Quite different from the elegant, modification extreme sport more spirited young. In addition to changing velg, tires, body, audio and seats, also dirombak engine, engine power so that the target of strong increases. Because the modification is not a sport only for appearance but also for sports reli.
That is the cause Derri Arfiandi, male graduate of the University of Trisakti this Honda Jazz reorganize its output in 2004 to become more extreme. "The theme of the modification is extreme racing style. So, I do full extreme modifications combined with the style car racing, "said Derri.
At the bottom of the tire and velg, Derri melangkapi Jazz with its velg 5Zigen 18 inches. While for the ban, Derri using Pirelli 285/35 18 (front) and Toyo 235/35 18 (rear). Audio, using the subwoofer Visonik 12 D22pc, subwoofer Visonik 10 pc D42, coaxial speaker Visionik 6 a set, coaxial speaker Visionik three sets, power Venom 4100 four-channel, four power Venom 460 channels, TV Indash Oris and TV Skplosont (front), TV 15 compact LCD (rear), Pioneer DVD head unit 5050 DVH, led lights, and custom Deromat reducer.
Previously, Derri never modify the car with the theme of nature. After feeling bored, he was an extreme change in the theme and style racing. The work is relatively short, about two months. The first car that he is a modified Honda City output in 1996. According to him, each car will be modified characters have difficulty itself. "Each car is not the same. I like Honda because of more flexible to be modified, "the story of this Japanese car fans.
It was delivered by similar Parin Budiman, most Japanese car production is suitable for extreme sports. Extreme sport tune most of the younger generation at this time, high school and college children, with age 17-25 years. Like most of the young car berkarakter sport can be a drag. "To have the car can run fast, equipment and accessories used equipment is light, as if the weight of the car can not be brought demon," added Parin.

modifikasi mobil extreem

modif car extreem
modif keren
modif car
car lux
Standard Mazda 3 is already well regarded. The withdrawal peragawan that have athletic body, grooming enggak need only have a lot of cock. In addition, because a good body, wear any clothes model also looks cool. But of course the program should be adjusted to get reasonable. This theory is applied by Eddy Kurniawan H 3 on the 2007 Mazda own. "Because the more often used for daily, the body kit must also be realistic according to usage," said Eddy.


So this was the man berkacamata select several models in clothing design pantes results' home mode 'international. In addition enggak Economics, design enggak can also be quickly make people bored alias durable. "Usually because following the trend, after a trend change, the old model so stale."

Enggak surprisingly fell to the selection of the design style of Japanese origin Auto exe. The reason for the design and dynamic look sporti. Visible from the front bumper of the following hole that big wind catcher. Similarly with the rear bumper. While the side skirt has a spoiler trap the withdrawal. Following the change front bumper gril be Ings-use products. "If we still use the original is still less sporti."
In addition, the product body kit this is rarely the tide, so the age can be a longer life because people will be bored enggak view. "Basically, this product is suitable for all."

Complete life change felly NKB size 19x8, 5-inch front and 19x9, 5 inches back. Dibalut the Achilles berdimensi 225/35ZR19 tires (front) and 235/35ZR19 (rear). Mengimbanginya, per RSR be using products that combined with the quasi-standard. Bodi down around 2-3 cm.

Barrett-Jackson-the clasic car

In the January 16, 2009 edition of the Scottsdale Republic, Gary Bennett of Barrett-Jackson suggested that their auction "appears to be isolated with what else is going on in the world."

Oh, really?

Meanwhile, the rest of the country feels differently about the economy, and car nuts waited with baited breath to see how the auction - somewhat of a barometer of the hobby - would fare. The amount of cars at B-J were down by almost 200 cars, but Craig Jackson & Co. don't have reserves, so a sale was guaranteed . . . even if it was the seller buying his own car back.

The popular cars that mere mortals usually own, such as "blue collar" muscle cars (base 1968-72 GTOs and 383 Road Runners), were much fewer in numbers. Aside of GM bringing in some historical vehicles from their collection, the only force seemed to be the crème de la crème - Corvettes, Camaros, Shelbys and Mustangs, 1950s Chevys, hot rods, and Hemi and Six Pack Mopars. They were down, but not as severe as some of the lesser cars that dared show up.

There's no rhyme or reason why one car does well while another doesn't. Certainly there were some shockers (1968 Barracuda Formula S 383 for almost 70 grand?) but even some Hemis were having problems. Overall, though, the bubble is bursting, especially compared to 2006's peak or even last year's gala.


the leading destination for online car shoppers, calculates which vehicles are “most American” based on production location, percentage of domestic parts content, and American sales volume for each vehicle. creates a list of the “Ten Most American Cars” twice a year.

Evidently, Chevrolet had to increase truck production in Mexico due to a strike at one of their U.S. axle plants. Because the strike lasted so long, Chevrolet’s production mix shifted dramatically outside the U.S. Last year, the Silverado was the 2nd most American truck. This year, it’s fallen behind the Tundra.

Toyota Tundra

Here’s the list (taken form

  1. Ford F150
  2. Chevy Cobalt
  3. Chevy Malibu
  4. Pontiac G6
  5. Toyota Tundra
  6. Toyota Sienna
  7. Honda Odyssey
  8. Chevy Silverado 1500
  9. Chrysler Sebring
  10. Ford Explorer/Sport Trac


Toyota Yaris S Sedan is designed to appeal to buyers looking for sporty styling. Side rocker panels, front and rear under bumper spoilers, 15-inch steel wheels and available aluminum alloy wheels give the Yaris S a more aggressive appearance.

Spacious and Practical Interior

The Yaris Liftback interior provides unexpected roominess and a comfortable cabin. The upscale interior provides remarkable design with four-way adjustable fabric front seats and reclining rear seating for three with headrests in all seating positions. The rear seats also fold down, providing nearly 13 cubic feet of cargo space.

Simplicity and practicality are built into the Yaris Liftback with easy-to-reach audio and climate controls, an array of storage spaces including a center console with built-in storage, and cupholders in the front and rear. The instrument cluster is center-mounted, high on the dash providing easy reach and visibility.

Standard convenience features on both the Liftback and Sedan include air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, a gated shift lever (automatic transmission only), tinted glass, digital clock, a map light, intermittent windshield wipers with mist control, and dual sunvisors with vanity mirrors.

Fun-To-Drive Performance and Handling

owering both the Yaris Liftback and Sedan will be a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i) that will produce 106 horsepower at 6,000 RPM and 103 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,200 RPM. Both the Liftback and Sedan will be mated to either a five-speed manual or available four-speed automatic transmission. All Yaris models with an automatic transmission will be equipped with uphill/downhill shift logic to help reduce the frequency of gear shifting caused by the operation of the accelerator pedal during winding uphill and downhill driving.

Yaris fuel efficiency will be among the highest in the subcompact segment. A preliminary EPA fuel economy mpg rating for the Liftback is estimated at 34 city/40 highway for the five-speed manual and 34 city/39 highway for models equipped with the four-speed automatic. Fuel efficiency ratings for the Yaris Sedan are equally impressive with preliminary EPA mpg estimates of 34 city/40 highway for the five-speed manual and 34 city/39 highway for the automatic.
In addition to its exceptional fuel efficiency, Yaris will be EPA-certified as an Ultra-Low Emission vehicle (ULEV II).


The new Yaris helps protect its occupants with a reinforced cabin using front and rear crumple zones and energy-absorbing materials on the roof and doors. Yaris will be equipped with height adjustable headrests and three-point seatbelts in all five seating positions. The front seatbelts include pretensioners and force limiters. The rear seat will be equipped with the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) uniform child restrain anchorage system.

Safety is also addressed with standard driver and passenger advanced dual-stage front airbags that inflate at a higher or lower speed, according to collision severity. A front seat passenger sensor is designed to determine if there is a person in the seat as well as the person's weight category to determine whether the airbag should inflate and at the correct inflation power. Front-seat-mounted side airbags with first and second row roll-sensing side curtain airbags will also be available.

All Yaris models will also offer anti-lock brakes (ABS) as an option.


In addition to the array of standard convenience, performance, and safety features, Yaris will offer additional options to provide variety and enhance the customer's overall driving experience.

Yaris options include ABS, driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags and side curtain airbags and cold area package. A convenience package is standard on all Yaris S and available on the Sedan and Liftback. The convenience package adds an AM/FM CD player with MP3 readability and universal mini-jack port, a rear defogger, 15-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers, a 60/40 folding rear seat (Sedan only) and a rear wiper (Liftback only).

Also available on Liftback, Sedan and S Sedan is a Power Package offering power locks, windows, and mirrors. For the Sedan, it also includes a tachometer, upgraded trim with integrated audio, cruise control, and ABS. For the Liftback, it adds a 60/40 split rear seat that slides, reclines, and folds completely flat.

With the Power Package consumers can also add 15-inch alloy wheels, foglamps, rear spoiler, remote keyless entry, or immobilizer (Sedan only) as stand alone options. Yaris will offer a choice of 13 different exterior colors with only two, Polar White and Black Sand Pearl, shared by both the Liftback and Sedan. Additional available exterior colors for the Liftback include Blazing Blue, Meteorite Metallic, Absolutely Red, and Bayou Blue. All Liftback exterior colors are matched with a Dark Charcoal interior fabric. Additional exterior colors for the Yaris Sedan include Pacific Blue Metallic, Flint Mica, Silver Streak Mica, Barcelona Red Metallic, Olive Mist, Jade Sea Metallic, and Nautical Blue Metallic. Yaris Sedan exterior colors will be complemented with a choice of two interior fabric colors, Dark Charcoal and Beige.

Toyota's 36-month/36,000-mile basic new-vehicle limited warranty applies to all components other than normal wear and maintenance items. Additional 60-month warranties cover the powertrain for 60 months/60,000 miles and corrosion perforation for 60 months with no mileage limitation.

MODIFICATION Honda Prelud 'Seharga' Rp 200 Juta

Jakarta - Modifications have been like for a middle name Willy Cahyadi. This man is very especial hobby work the car to switch the display. Not infrequently, the modification of old dirombak so it appears that a new idea. "Emotions to modify the cars that have continued, as if not more restrained," said Willy detikoto greet the first in the email.

The latest is a collection dikerjakannya on the car, a Honda Prelud build up production in 1996. This new car 4 years ago had, and had also modified first. But new ideas in the head Willy nyangkut, men aged 25 years Cirebon home this merombaknya not hesitate to return.

This time, he chose the concept of JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). He chose because people are still rarely used. Honda Prelud form that is easier for the owner's house sporty modifications Namura Hyan in Jl Kembangan South is No. 15. To make a make over. "There is no difficulty pouring kretif my idea," said Willy.

Who do, Willy color and black and added wings on the back. This is to make an impression JDM accents appear in each body Prelud Honda. Velg also no escape from the hands, Volk Rayes Velg 18 Ring 8 inch wide dibalut with 225/40 tires michelin attach it on the front. Velg he use the back of the Volk Rayes Velg Ring 18 wide 9.5 inch dibalut with 235/40 tires michelin. To head lamp lighting session JDM BB4 rise to match the accents JDM, to back lampHID meccatune 12000k.

On the machine, Willy does not change too much, because the Honda engine capacity Prelud already sizeable big, so it only adds engine H23A cable plug, NGK water filter, KKN open air intake, and for the discharge of exhaust Willy polishedheader the 4-2-1 make the car sound like car drag race.

For the interior, replacing Willy seat position with its Buckerseatbelt Bride Exas 2, 4 point takata custom door trim defi BF Amber oil, prees defi Bf amber oil tempDefi BF Amber water, tempdefi control unit 2 defi VSD concept defi link unit. SOUNDSYSTEM long while unloading it, install it and power and power HCCA orion soundstream Picasso 4 channels, plus subwoffer lanzar DC 12 inch pieces of 2.

Not all the goods that use them available in the country. If you are like, Willy did not hesitate to run outside in order to create the look of the car more comfortable considered. He confessed to spend the cost of Rp 200 million and take 3 months to build a car that kesayangannya.

In the near future, Willy is also planning to follow the car in the contest Needle Black Final Battle, later in December 2008 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Tren Modifikasi Mobil 2009

tren modifikasi mobil 2009
Jakarta - Dunia modifikasi roda empat di tahun 2009 nampaknya akan melakukan perubahan ke arah yang lebih ekonomis tapi tidak melupakan sisi dinamis.

Yang sebelumnya para pengguna roda empat memodifikasi kendaraannya dengan tampilan ekstrim, namun di tahun 2009 ini kemungkinan gaya modifikasi seperti itu akan ditinggalkan oleh para pecinta modifikasi roda empat karena alasan esensial dari penggunaan kendaraan untuk keseharian.

"Modifikasi gaya ekstrim pasti lambat laun akan dihindari oleh modifikator di tahun 2009, karena setiap pemilik kendaraan ingin memodifikasi kendaraannya dengan gaya nyaman dan bisa dipakai untuk keseharian," kata Willy builder Namura Hyan kepada detikOto, Kamis (15/01/2009).

Namun, ada saja yang akan memodifikasi roda empatnya dengan gaya ekstrim, paling hanya sebatas penggunaan air suspensi yang tergolong ekstrim di kelas modifikasi roda empat. "Dan pengunaan air suspensi mungkin itu juga akan lumrah, karena harga dari spare part itu sendiri sudah mulai murah dan menjamur di Indonesia," ungkap Willy.

Menurut Willy modifikasi dengan tema JDM tetap menjadi acuan bagi anak muda di Tahun 2009 karena konsep tersebut masih terjangkau dan eye catching untuk dipandang. "Dan untuk biaya modifikasi gaya JDM pun masih sangat terjangkau saat ini," ujar Willy.

Jadi, untuk modifikasi roda empat dengan gaya ekstrim dengan pertimbangan potong sana potong sini akan benar-benar ditinggalkan, tambah Willy.

Dan kemungkinan, tren modifikasi di tahun 2009 akan mengarah pada Matt Black atau penggunaan stiker hitam dof alias dengan menempelkan stiker dengan penyesuaian mono chrome matic. Artinya tampilan senada antara bodi dan velg dengan menggunakan stiker hitam dof.

Karena menurut Willy, modifikasi ini tergolong ekonomis dan mudah diaplikasikannya, dan ini akan diminati oleh modifikator-modifikator di tahun 2009 ini.

Willy juga memperkirakan modifikasi dengan tema sporty tidak akan ditinggalkan oleh pecintanya, karena kendaraan dengan modifikasi sporty masih dinilai nyaman untuk dikendarai keseharian, yakin Willy. ( ikh / ddn )

Tuned Red/White/Black Gemballa Porsche Cayenne Tornado 2009

Gemballa has finally released details of the ‘Tornado` Cayenne GTS, a concept of which was displayed in early 2008. A limited production of only 50 of these SUVs will be made in either GTS or GTR trim with three different stages of tuning. GTR is strictly exclusive performance-tuned. Engineers stripped the GTR of most of its luxury items as well as the 4WD mechanism to make it a RWD SUV. In the process they shaved about 250kg off the vehicle`s mass.

Gemballa was inspired by the Porsche Carrera GT supercar in creating the Tornado GTS`s look. The body kit features a carbon fiber bonnet, larger air intakes, five-spoke alloy wheels, an integrated rear diffuser and new taillights. New adjustable seats, a panoramic sunroof and a custom centre console make for a unique interior look.

Engine modifications extend to the GTS and GTR with three levels of tune: 542hp (404kW), 641hp (478kW) or 740hp (552kW) depending on customer preferences. Standard Porsche GTSs produce 405hp (298kW). Other performance changes are the installation of a high-flow exhaust system, upgrades to the ECU and new intercoolers
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This is one of embahnya Skyline. Elu know if the name on the Skyline GTR R34 or Infinity G35, the two models is the generation-to-10, and 11 of the Nissan Skyline. Skyline itself initially started in 1957 is designed with the concept sedan midclass the bodinya shaped coupe, sedan or wagon. And that is in the magazine of this is the 4th generation of Skyline. Ordinary called generation C110 produced starting 1972-1977. Skyline C110 generation actually consists of type 4-door sedan, coupe HARDTOP 2 door, 5-door and wagon. To note, stop lamp rounded design characteristics Skyline started in this generation. Nah, Skyline gray owned Tom Sutan this type have a 2000 GTX (KPGC111). What is the difference with the type GTX GTR? Both are equally bertipe HARDTOP 2 door coupe, only GTX made specifically for peruntukkan executive. While the type GTR deliberately designed to improve performance, especially for the race. Although the suspected Nissan Skyline 2000GTX Tom Sutan property is only one model C110 in Indonesia, but Tom still less satisfied with the appearance. "GTR tampangnya still more valiant than GTX," said the interior area in Kemang, South Jakarta this. Know the origin, the difference between GTR and GTX have designs on the grill, details accessories, engine type and features in the cabin. So the project is Tom Sutan GTX on this is to change the car's look into GTR. Concentration of the course is to the exterior. Grill original dismantled, and with the help of images from several magazines and the Internet, grill-GT-R was designed from fiberglass dof then be painted black. Applications are next on the body kit. Design body kit ala 'stash' as this is indeed famous in those times. General shape under the bumper and spoiler in the rear baggage. For this detail, "Made of fiberglass materials, design pattern from the die cast toys," said Tom who is also this classic collector BMW. Supporting other, over fiberglass Fender with about 5 cm wide participate in the added spakbor Emblem and GT-R diboyong directly from Japan. Touch of a GT-R is thick with the style of racing, the sector diimbuhkan cabin. Applications such as bucket seat, racing wheel and four-point roll bar. Oh yes, the difference between X-GT and GT-R is on the dashboard panel and power window. Panel dashboard GTX have touch wood panel, different from the GT-R only be painted silver screen. For the original wood panels are forced to follow the car accents GT-R be painted silver. GT-X surplus according to Tom in the power window feature, "If the GT-R, opened the glass," he said. Other features that do not exist on the type of GT-X is the indicator door lock (door lock), brake oil (brake fluid) and fuel (low fuel). Finally, in order to tidy impression arises, the dashboard console and ceiling material coated suede.

Akasia Motor: Rujukan untuk modifikasi

Modifications to the car often be confused scramble-view so that the car lost the original form so as not berbekas function that is not convenient for everyday use. While there are many multiformity modification of the extreme like that until the subtil, which changes nearly invisible.

Modifying the car for some people is to affirm the existence of uniform car huddle. Some, not satisfied with the look you want to make the car better and more beautiful. Adapula who want to participate in the contest modifications. Whatever the reason, driving comfort certainly do not want to sacrifice. Variety modifications that fit between the beauty of the view outside and driving comfort, known as VIP Style.


VIP Style characterized the change is not visible outside the extreme, additional body kit and velg sized extra large, over 19 inch. Eksteriornya coated white or black when the truth will be memendarkan various colors. Interior is made neat, clean and elegant. No need to install excessive accessories. Audio systems selected spoil the ear, a focus on voice quality (SQ) and the origin is not fast (SPL). Behind that, if a car when it will be sold again, restore the original form is not difficult car.

VIP Styles come and popular in Japan. And from there spread to the whole world. "In the USA this fad dkenal as Dub Style, which is similar to VIP-like style with many additional features bling-bling (moneychangers sheen)," said Iwan, the Akasia Motor, which is known piawai handle the diversity of style modifications.

In addition to handling VIP Style, Akasia Motor also received a modification Low Rider (flat), Dub Racing Style and Style. Many of his rule modifications so that the contest to reach customers in cities outside Java, such as Palembang and Jambi. Kalimalang Bengkelnya in the area, Bekasi currently serving custom paint jobs, custom door, custom body kit, custom interior, body convertion, and sun roof.

Each time you handle a car that will be modified, prepared five alternative design which later selected car owners. "We provide a referral style design that will not upset. This is useful if the car took the contest," he said. From the experience of the contest, style purity menetukan victory. Once he said, the design of VIP-style entrance is considered to widen the application extreme style body kit which vary. As a result failed direngkuh victory, while in Japan as its own model that still fit in that VIP Style.

Gallery Modifikasi Mobil

This thread checkered foto2 car modifications and ulasannya that may be refrensi for modifikator IF.
if you want to ngepost, please show a photo and a little ulasannya or data2nya.
can also post you already own a car in the modification.
Specification car:
-1 Knob and pedal set isotta
-xenon lamp

Specification to the audio-2:
-2 Sub symbion 12 "
-kenwood head unit
full-acryllic mica

Total: 2juta

Specification to the audio-3:
-2 Sub symbion 12 "
head-unit JVC DV-6600
-2 Set symbion speaker SB-650
-1 Power performance

Total: 5 million

Specification to the audio-4:
-2 Sub performance 10 "
Head-unit JVC DV 6600
-tweeter sound stream
-2 Speaker set symbion
-1 Power performance
-1 Monoblok performance
-2 Capacitor intersys

New Honda Jazz to be launched end of year

Got news about the second generation Honda Jazz. Just one word comes out from me, Wow!. A well designed compact car in all aspects! This Jazz will be launched before the end of the year. Few changes made, such there are only 1.3 and 1.5 liter i-VTEC engines. Now let’s have a look at most of pictures.

Available in Briliant White Pearl, Nighthawk Black P, Silver Stone M, Cerulean Blue M, Aabaster Silver M and Rallye Red color. No pricing information yet, but if Jazz were about to sell more than RM100k, I’m sure to prefer new Civic VTEC more.


The truck of Toyota Yaris S is designed to call upon the purchasers seeking to name sporting. The side panels of tumbler, the spoilers of stop of lower part before and back, the steel wheels of 15 inches and the aluminium alloy wheels available give the more aggressive aspect of Yaris SA.

Roomy and practical interior

The interior of Yaris Liftback provides the unexpected roominess and a comfortable fuselage. The classieux interior provides to the remarkable design the seats before adjustable fabric with four ways and with the allowance of the places postpones wide for three in head-rests in all the positions of allowance of the places. The back seats also yield to the bottom, providing almost 13 cubic feet of the space of cargo.

Simplicity and the character practise are established in Yaris Liftback with orders easily accessible from acoustics and climate, a choice of memory capacities including/understanding a central console with storage integrated, and of the cupholders in before and back. The beam of instrument center-is assembled, high on the indent providing the easy range and the visibility.

The standard devices of suitability on Liftback and the truck include air-conditioning, the wheel of slope, a periodic lever with d�chenchements of shift (automatic transmission only), tinted glass, the pendulum with digital reading, a light of chart, the windscreen wiper intermittent with the ordering of fog, and the sunvisors duels with mirrors of vanity.

modification Acura RSX Type S Modif "Street Car Super Nakal"

with ubahan the front bumper used the Mugen make, side skirts, the wings behind A Spec, diffuser behind custom, as well as the increase window visors output of JDM DC5 Type-R. As Though want to clarified tampilan racing him, the whole body the exterior of this car was given the green colour screen by Pilo. For the sector foot-foot, this car stood on the rim racing the white colour of the measurement 17 inchi output of Desmond Regamaster Evo was wrapped the tyre Falken Azenis RT-615. Satisfied with ubahan in the exterior part, Brian then began memodif entered the interior part. Here was seen by several parts-parts racing that was simple berkombinasi with parts luxurious standard Honda Acura. Parts racing this including being the use jok front racing Recaro along with the Takata output seatbelt, was met also by the fitting jok behind and the door panel custom, shift kno

Specification :

Owner : Brian Nguyen
Hometown : El Monte, California, US
Basic car : Honda Acura RSX Type S
Engine : 2.0L K20Z1 with AEM cold-air intake, Hondata intake manifold gasket, Jackson Racing supercharger (roots type), 3.2" pulley, Mugen radiator cap and reservoir socks, Racecoated custom valve cover, Strup race header, Tanabe Hyper Medallion cat-back exhaust system, TEIN hood dampers
Power : 285 whp
Wheels : Desmond Regamaster Evo 17X8 +35 (white), 215/45R17 Falken Azenis RT-615 tires
Brakes : OEM DC5 Type-S Brakes
Suspension : Type II coilovers, Mugen front strut tower bar
Audio/sound system : OEM Type-S Bose sound system

modifikasi Ford Mustang AV8R

Specification :

Basic Car : Ford Mustang
Engine : aluminum block 4.6-liter, 24-valve V-8
Power : 400 hp
Eksterior : Satin Silver finish is offset by a black hood and decklid, red accent lines, dark gray side stripes, an Air Force star on each front quarter panel, and an oversized, etched AF star on the glass roof. The faux gas cap on the trunklid also gets a white star motif, and the rear spoiler is black with a red stripe and the AV8R logo in the corner.
Interior : features distressed "bomber jacket" leather inserts and trim panels along with a "Bullitt" aluminum instrument panel appliqué and shift knob.
Handling by Ford Racing : dampers, lowering springs, anti-roll bar kit and strut tower brace
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