By the modifications an extreme, the automotive willing to pay hundreds of millions of rupiah. For people like this, the car is not as a means of transportation, but has become a symbol of prestige and achievement.
Every human being has the character and enjoyment different, so the car modification to the extreme. Budiman Parin, modifikator Auto Design explains, so that's going harmony between car and owner, modifications must be in accordance with the extreme characters owner. For example, the executive of a day-to-day access, lack of suitable modifications in sport cars, such as the type of man this is only suitable modifications in the car with elegant,

There are three types of modifications to the extreme, that is elegant, sport, and show car. The modified part is usually velg, body, interior, engine and leg-foot. As well as modifications that are usually extremely elegant, with a marked change velg greater Ince is 19, body to be more flat (short-Red), elegant interior, for example, where there is wine, luxurious sofa seats and sound system is expensive.
"For elegant, a modified car is usually the output of premium cars in Europe, because Europe's premium body larger and beautiful. Premium does not mean Japan can not be modified, could be! Peminatnya not only the level of premium cars such as Europe, "said the man who was born in Jakarta, 7 October 1978 this.
Enthusiasts elegant extreme modification is usually the well-established executive, age 35 years and above. "Cars have become a lifestyle for people like this. Cars represent the personality and achievement. The beautiful and expensive cost of modification, the higher the performance, "added Parin.
Speed Extreme Sport
Quite different from the elegant, modification extreme sport more spirited young. In addition to changing velg, tires, body, audio and seats, also dirombak engine, engine power so that the target of strong increases. Because the modification is not a sport only for appearance but also for sports reli.
That is the cause Derri Arfiandi, male graduate of the University of Trisakti this Honda Jazz reorganize its output in 2004 to become more extreme. "The theme of the modification is extreme racing style. So, I do full extreme modifications combined with the style car racing, "said Derri.
At the bottom of the tire and velg, Derri melangkapi Jazz with its velg 5Zigen 18 inches. While for the ban, Derri using Pirelli 285/35 18 (front) and Toyo 235/35 18 (rear). Audio, using the subwoofer Visonik 12 D22pc, subwoofer Visonik 10 pc D42, coaxial speaker Visionik 6 a set, coaxial speaker Visionik three sets, power Venom 4100 four-channel, four power Venom 460 channels, TV Indash Oris and TV Skplosont (front), TV 15 compact LCD (rear), Pioneer DVD head unit 5050 DVH, led lights, and custom Deromat reducer.
Previously, Derri never modify the car with the theme of nature. After feeling bored, he was an extreme change in the theme and style racing. The work is relatively short, about two months. The first car that he is a modified Honda City output in 1996. According to him, each car will be modified characters have difficulty itself. "Each car is not the same. I like Honda because of more flexible to be modified, "the story of this Japanese car fans.
It was delivered by similar Parin Budiman, most Japanese car production is suitable for extreme sports. Extreme sport tune most of the younger generation at this time, high school and college children, with age 17-25 years. Like most of the young car berkarakter sport can be a drag. "To have the car can run fast, equipment and accessories used equipment is light, as if the weight of the car can not be brought demon," added Parin.

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