Important Safety Notice: Safety Recall on all 2006 Honda TRX450R and TRX450ER ATV models due to contaminated ball joint.

This recall notice only pertains to vehicles within the following VIN Ranges:

JH2TE320*6K000019 to JH2TE320*6K010997 (TRX450ER)
JH2TE324*6K000007 to JH2TE324*6K000111 (TRX450R)
*: Denotes check digit

A safety defect may exist in the steering system of your TRX. The front suspension arm ball joints may have been contaminated during the production process, resulting in rapid wear of the ball joints and possible ball joint separation. If ball joint separation occurs while riding, the TRX could lose steering control and may crash.

What should you do?

Honda strongly recommends that you do not operate your TRX until it has been repaired. Parts will be available soon. We will send you another letter notifying you when you can go to your Honda ATV dealer for the free replacement of all four front suspension arms
(Right/Left & Upper/Lower).

The expenses wifi easily in

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  • Belkin
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  • Compex
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Subaru Impreza WRX 2002 "the black car so fast"

Specifications :

Tuner : Alex Witkin
Basic Car : Subaru Impreza WRC 2002
Power : 403 hp
Bodykit : C-West bodykit
Bumper : APR carbon-fiber air splitters
Other : installed a remote map selector, a test and up pipe and a high-performance boost controller all straight from the Turbo XS catalog, To mix quality-fed fuel into the chambers, Witkin fit in a dual Walbro high-flow fuel pump, and customized and flow tested 780cc fuel injectors

Suzuki Swift Pick Up Concept

spesigfication :
esin : DOHC VVT 1.6-liter
Transmisi : manual lima percepatan
Ekterior : body work DG-R Design Concept and Modification, grill custom, spoiler belakang, double tail pipe
Interior : steering wheel Isotta racing, monitor 7 inci
Pelek : Lenso BlockMesh type (17x7,0)
Ban : Neuton
Total biaya : Rp.120 juta

2008 Geiger Ford GT, "Race Car true"

Specifications :

Vehicle Type : 2-door coupe, modified car
Engine : 5.4 liter V8
Configuration : Mid Engine/RWD
Aspiration : supercharger
Displacement : 5409 cc
Torque : 617 lb-ft
HP : 701 hp
HP/Liter : 129.8 hp per liter
1/4 mile : 10.9 seconds
0-62 mph : 3.5 seconds
Top Speed : 211 mph (electronically limited)
Transmission : 6-Speed Manual

Ford Mustang AV8R

Specification :

Basic Car : Ford Mustang
Engine : aluminum block 4.6-liter, 24-valve V-8
Power : 400 hp
Eksterior : Satin Silver finish is offset by a black hood and decklid, red accent lines, dark gray side stripes, an Air Force star on each front quarter panel, and an oversized, etched AF star on the glass roof. The faux gas cap on the trunklid also gets a white star motif, and the rear spoiler is black with a red stripe and the AV8R logo in the corner.
Interior : features distressed "bomber jacket" leather inserts and trim panels along with a "Bullitt" aluminum instrument panel appliqué and shift knob.
Handling by Ford Racing : dampers, lowering springs, anti-roll bar kit and strut tower brace


Engine : K20A engine, Feel’s throttle body and a Feel’s ECU system, Feel’s aluminum radiator,The clutch upgraded to a copper mix unit
Exterior : Feel’s front half spoiler and side skirts and rear apron, sports grill,headlight eyeliners and front air duct, Feel’s vented carbon hood or "bonnet",Feel’s FRP trunk, Both the rear roof spoiler and the carbon rear and side wings
Interior : Original Feel’s full bucket seat with a Takata harness, the factory airbag steering wheel Momo racing wheel a Feel’s titanium shift knob
Suspension : custom adjustable Feel’s damper kit
Brake : upgraded rotors and carbon pads
Exhaust : Feel’s titanium exhaust system peaking out from under the rear bumper
Tyre : Advan A048 M compound tires
Velg : AME Tracer TM-02’s 18"x9" +35 (front), 18"x8.5" +45 (rear)

Acura RSX Type S Modif "Street Car Super Nakal"

Specification :

Owner : Brian Nguyen
Hometown : El Monte, California, US
Basic car : Honda Acura RSX Type S
Engine : 2.0L K20Z1 with AEM cold-air intake, Hondata intake manifold gasket, Jackson Racing supercharger (roots type), 3.2" pulley, Mugen radiator cap and reservoir socks, Racecoated custom valve cover, Strup race header, Tanabe Hyper Medallion cat-back exhaust system, TEIN hood dampers
Power : 285 whp
Wheels : Desmond Regamaster Evo 17X8 +35 (white), 215/45R17 Falken Azenis RT-615 tires
Brakes : OEM DC5 Type-S Brakes
Suspension : Type II coilovers, Mugen front strut tower bar
Audio/sound system : OEM Type-S Bose sound system

Honda Acura RSX Type S lansiran in 2005 belonging to Brian this indeed not sembarang Acura RSX normally. Saw how tampilan outside this one car was seen the "street" really. Restoration of the exterior of the car was also begun with ubahan the front bumper used the Mugen make, side skirts, the wings behind A Spec, diffuser behind custom, as well as the increase window visors output of JDM DC5 Type-R. As Though want to clarified tampilan racing him, the whole body the exterior of this car was given the green colour screen by Pilo. For the sector foot-foot, this car stood on the rim racing the white colour of the measurement 17 inchi output of Desmond Regamaster Evo was wrapped the tyre Falken Azenis RT-615. Satisfied with ubahan in the exterior part, Brian then began memodif entered the interior part. Here was seen by several parts-parts racing that was simple berkombinasi with parts luxurious standard Honda Acura. Parts racing this including being the use jok front racing Recaro along with the Takata output seatbelt, was met also by the fitting jok behind and the door panel custom, shift knob

Nissan R32 Fast and Clean

To equip him, the exterior part of Nissan R32 was done by Do Luck. Yap, the modification house from Japan that was famous with the production body kit thus took part in taking the cultivation interior R32 this. Results of the work of the hands of the Do Luck personnel then made Nissan R32 be seen extraordinary. Like the front bumper, sideskirts, as well as the GT increase the wings and support the bar in the rear. Moreover, the white screen R32 that received the touch from JMI Motoring same was equipped with grill, taillights cover, and the rear-view mirror garapan Speed Architech that was Christian's post.

Nissan Skyline R32 memang mobil yang sangat digemari orang di seluruh dunia. Skyline jugalah mobil pertama yang menjadi ikon kerena menggunakan mesin RB26. Memang belum banyak modifikator terkemuka asal Jepang yang menggarap mobil ini. Kembalinya R32 ini mendapatkan antuasias yang besar dari para punggawa Nissan R32 lain. Terlebih dengan turut andilnya sebuah rumah modifikasi asal Jepang untuk menjadikan R32 lebih baik, bersih, dan cool.

Christian Coujin adalah sang punggawa Nissan R32 yang kali ini akan mengalami perombakan. Mobil lansiran tahun 1989 kepunyaan Christian sudah memiliki fitur yang difokuskan pada pengerjaan mesin. Ini terlihat dari penggunaan dua mesin turbo dari SARD IHI RX5s yang dilengkapi dengan Amuse R1000 TBE, SARD fuel rail, SARD FPR, dan pemasangan cover mesin, cover camgear, dan memindahkan box baterai agar mesin tetap terlihat bersih.

tips perbaikan mobil saat darurat dijalanan yang macet

Layanan Tips Perbaikan Darurat ini menyediakan informasi seputar problem dan cara-cara perbaikan darurat pada kendaraan Anda yang mungkin terjadi pada saat berkendara.

Persiapan sebelum perbaikan

  1. Parkir kendaraan pada lokasi yang aman. Bila di jalan tol, posisikan pada lajur darurat (paling kiri) atau di tepi jalan.
  2. Pasangkan segitiga pengaman di belakang atau di depan sesuai dengan arah kendaraan lain yang akan menuju kendaraan pada kendaraan Anda. Pasangkan pada jarak minimal 2 meter dari kendaraan Anda.
  3. Nyalakan lampu tanda darurat (hazard) untuk memberi peringatan pada pengendara lain.

Wiper tidak berfungsi pada saat hujan

  1. Aktifkan penyejuk udara (AC) untuk mencegah terjadinya pengembunan pada kaca.
  2. Turunkan kaca jendela sampai ada lubang untuk udara luar masuk.
  3. Bila ada, taburkan serbuk teh pada kaca depan bagian luar agar air dapat mengalir.
  4. Berkendaralah pada jalur lambat agar tidak mengganggu pengendara lain.

Saat ban kempes

  1. Untuk mencegah steer susah dikendalikan yang akan membahayakan penumpang, perlu dihindari menekan pedal rem secara tiba-tiba.
  2. Atur arah kendaraan agar tidak membahayakan bagi penumpang maupun pengendara lain.
  3. Lakukan pengereman dengan menurunkan gigi percepatan secara bertahap hingga kendaraan berhenti. Jangan panik dan tetap konsentrasi pada arah kendaraan.
  4. Bila tidak ada ban pengganti, atasi ban kempes dengan memasukkan cairan power glue pada bagian ban yang bocor.

Saat mengalami rem blong atau rem macet

  1. Turunkan kecepatan kendaraan dengan memindahkan gigi perseneling yang lebih rendah secara bertahap (5-4, 4-3, 3-2, 2-1).
  2. Setelah kecepatan kendaraan menurun, lakukan pengereman dengan menggunakan rem tangan.
  3. Apabila pada bahu jalan terdapat rumput, gunakan bahu jalan yang berumput tersebut untuk membantu menghentikan kendaraan.

Saat mengalami mesin overheating (radiator bocor)

  1. Tambalkan radiator bocor dengan sabun mandi/pisang.
  2. Tambahkan air pendingin. Jangan membuka tutup radiator dalam kondisi temperatur mesin panas dan mesin mati, hal ini akan mengakibatkan semburan air yang sangat berbahaya.
  3. Saat membuka tutup radiator usahakan pada saat mesin masih hidup atau menunggu sampai mesin dingin. Dan gunakan kain lap untuk mencegah terbakarnya kulit Anda.
  4. Bila dalam kondisi tidak aman, tetap jalankan kendaraan dengan mengontrol temperatur. Bila temperatur mesin mulai naik di atas setengah (1/2), matikan dan dinginkan mesin. Setelah temperatur turun di bawah normal kembali jalankan kendaraan Anda.

Kopling tidak berfungsi normal/kabel kopling putus)

  1. Matikan mesin, sehingga penggerak tidak berputar.

    Steer berat (Power Steering)

    Putar roda kemudi, pada saat yang bersamaan jalankan kendaraan maju atau mundur. Hal ini bermanfaat untuk mengurangi besarnya gesekan yang terjadi pada kembang ban terhadap permukaan jalan.

    Mesin mogok di ruas jalur cepat di jalan tol

  2. Nyalakan lampu tanda darurat (lampu hazard) untuk memberitahukan ke pengendara lain sebelum Anda turun dari kendaraan.
  3. Pasang segitiga pengaman di bagian belakang kendaraan pada jarak yang aman (sekitar 2 meter dari kendaraan).
  4. Lambaikan sesuatu yang kelihatan kontras (contoh warna merah atau kuning) dari bagian belakang kendaraan.
  5. Hubungi emergency Hotline/ pihak jasa marga.
  6. Masukkan perseneling ke gigi percepatan 2, kemudian hidupkan mesin.
  7. Jalankan kendaraan selama perjalanan dengan gigi perseneling 2 tersebut.
  8. Jalankan kendaraan pada jalur lambat dan hindari jalur dengan kendaraan sering berhenti.
  9. Hindari jalan macet.
  10. Jagalah jarak aman sekitar 40-100 meter dari kendaraan di depan Anda.

Koil Panas

  1. Lakukan pengompresan terhadap koil dengan lap basah sampai koil dingin.
  2. Hidupkan mesin dan jalankan kendaraan.
  3. Lakukan kembali bila terjadi panas lagi.

SpeedART Porsche 997 Turbo Tuning – a really lethal blade!

I’ve recently seen some chart on German TV about the most favorite cars in the world. 

There were names such as Nissan Skyline, Mercedes-Benz 300SL and etc., but the most surprising was the name of this winner – the first place of Porsche 911 around the year 1975. 

The car with its toughness, simple sporting interior, powerful engines and great workmanship conquered all other famous vehicles. But time has come, so today we can enjoy the legend’s next successor of famous Porsche family. 

In 2006, the Porsche 997 Turbo was introduced in Geneva and it’s a successor of the famous Porsche 911. Its design from the Porsche 996 was restructured to look of a real racer. 

Distinctive lines, suction openings, rear wing, LED lights and other various elements make this car really uncompromising. 

The Porsche 997’s engine comes from the Porsche 964/GT1 model with some improvements of course. Sharp sporting sound is a result of six cylinders with displacement of 3.6 liters and cooperating turbocharger. No surprise that it can produce amazing 480 hp (353 kW) at 6000 rpm and 620 Nm of torque. 

This performance potential allows hitting 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds (3.4 seconds with Tiptronic automatic transmission) and the top speed is 311 km/h. There’s a new system VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry) developed by BorgWarner to maintain better and perfect work of the turbocharger. 

Porsche will be always the symbol of pure dynamics and sporting emotions. Its really the best candidate for the first place in that chart, because this is a machine that never disappoints its owner. 

Perfect technical parameters, amazing body and even better power-to-weight ratio – this is the Porsche 911.

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