SPIRRA SUPERCAR Supercar named Spirra supercar is the first production car that claimed Korea has the capability of no less good with cars produced Lamborghini or the Ferrari Prancing Horse.
Equipped with 3.8-liter turbo engine, the highest type (GT) Spirra the entire bodinya using carbon fiber is claimed to be capable of speeding up to a maximum speed of 312 km / h with a burst of energy to reach 500 hp.Dengan the strength of it, is not wrong if a car weighs between 1320-1450 pounds are believed to be able to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds. (Doc Spirra)


lexus LFAJakarta - It was reported earlier, Japan's share of 500 units of the Lexus supercar LSA are sold out for the entire world. But apparently, the Lexus still keep a few extra units to the U.S..

So, it looks like the recent reports about the Lexus LFA apparently sold out too early. Because of the total quota for the U.S. market as many as 150 units, have now increased by 21 units.

Although the origin is not known where additional units of the Lexus LFA is, but what is clear, as reported by Autoblog, Sunday (06/06/2010) a Lexus officials say the number of consumers interested in LFA exceed 500 units.

And specifically for the American market, consumers are required to hire LFA advance during the first two years, to then be given the opportunity to purchase these supercars.

Leasing system for 24 months, and can not be taken over is done to keep the Japanese supercar was not looted and disrupt the market speculators LFA.

Lexus LFA has 1LR-GUE/4.805 cc petrol engine, V10 is capable of generating power output of up to 412 kW (560 PS) at 8700 rpm and maximum torque of 480N / m at 6800 rpm.

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