NISSAN GTRNissan GT-R is considered to be "car of the gods" for the penggila speed. How does not. From the display, two-door sedan is not only exude the impression sprightly and nimble, but also very strong aura with its full power. Hence, the principal, when the birth GT-R, do not want to change the speed element.

Including, the Nissan GT-R, which is reluctant to name. Instead, he attempted to optimize the potential of the product in Japan is. The options, for R35 GT570 is injected with a package from HKS spur in the kitchen.

Such as blow-off valve kit HKS super SQV, intercooler pipe, turbo actuators, center pipe, extension pipe, water filters, and spark plugs, all dijejali from HKS. Then, update all computer software related to the rpm launch control with the latest version.

The owners also tried to open all the capacity constraint on the ECU. How, do reflash AP1 related to the ignition timing and fuel. With a spur to update the kitchen, now Nissan GT-R is claimed to only have about 600 staff dk.


suzuki grand vitara modifdoor modified suzuki grand vitara

suzuki grand vitara clasic

modifikasi suzuki grand vitarainterior design modified suzuki grand vitara

If the observation is less charming, you definitely 'point' modifications on the Suzuki Grand Vitara in 2007 is not extreme. Fender only grew to support the velg 22 inches.

But, try to see the front door handle and the adjacent middle. In fact, the original position of the door opener is located below the middle pillar C. And Raymond Merjanto, the Suzuki SUV owners want to open this door the opposite. Similar cars 1960s.

Process submitted to Reindy Riupassa from home pentolan Concept BTX modification. Changes had to be done with the construction of cutting to do as much as 3 cm in fernder back. The goal is that you can open the door to the back perfectly.


nisan navara modiChange car into Japanese-style American style is not easy work. The problem, from the character, shape and design of the face of Asia and uncle Sam is very different.

nisan navaraBut, the desire Dimas Arki Jatipratama change the Nissan Navara TDCi 2009 DUB bertampang own style of American style is rounded. The reason, he wanted to look different from most double modif Cabin popularity with the city slicker model.

modified nisan navaraPewujudan ambisinya done on the detail to get good results. Like the front, part of this changed the style of American muscle. "Gril made back bumper and added plus net wire," said Opic of LM & T, the task of diserahi the body.

Changes in the bumper look penyiasatan ornaments on the net similar to the gril in the mud-guard. Views dipermanis with the fog lamp cover penyematan custom.

The thick model looks at the DUB velg size 24-inch MHT with the design of the crossbar five. Muscle in order to impress the more powerful, dilabur black rear bumper.

Because the super-wide tires, so funny if enggak participate Suspensi enggak be addressed, let alone Navara-foot structure has a foot high, if difficult to like contrived flat.


Brabus, the official home Modifikasi Mercedes Benz show his work again. Now the Mercedes Benz M Class. Change M Class offered include wide Body, Suspensi foot-and leg machines. Composition Brabus engine is capable of a called-out energy hungga 550 dk. A new package called now introduced to all types of M-Class
AutomotiveRoll - Mercedes Benz M class is the car that have a strong character, because it must look outside diutamakan.Body kit Widestar kit including front bumper fruit with 3 air holes and additional extra fog lights. 4 In addition to fruit foglamp, daytime running light which is the completeness of the standard use LED (Light Emitting diode). Fender including front and rear side skirt holes disposal have sex hot brakes. Rear bumper has a diffuser, and sport exhaust system with 4 units beraksen chrome exhaust spout.

widestar looks fierce with the application velg Brabus monoblock E generation of didesai special. Measuring 23 inches by 11 inches wide, 3 pieces rim this combined high performance tires size 315/25ZR23 for the front and back. Suspensi Airmatic air original default has control of the Brabus module for this function and maximize the performance of the leg-foot. The effect ground clearance down 30 mm, and add handling SUV sangar this.

All this grandeur of SUVs do not change with the engine. Brabus offers a choice of engines for all types of M-Class. Diesel from the motorized version up to top of the line, ML63, no escape from the cold hand of the tuner. For engines that use diesel ML 280 CDI, Brabus has PowerXtra ECO D5 which generate 52 additional energy dk. Type ML 320 CDI added e6 power kit that produces energy from the default 272 dk 224 dk-only. Medium top version, equipped with an ML 420 CDI Brabus D8 kit is removing the power of 350 dk's V8 turbo diesel engine with common rail injection.

For the owner of M-Class plant fuel also satisfied by Brabus Widestar. Start with 350 ML B7 power kit that increase the output power up to 287 dk. Type ML 500 that act viscera increased capacity to 6100 cc and produced energy 462 dk. Until in the end most variants gres, ML 63 is now equipped with power kit B63S. Equipped with a monster 550 dk, B63S can berakselerasi 0 - 100 km / h with just 4.9 seconds and record the new maximum speed of up to 275 km / hour.


gambar modifikasi toyota yaris
The Single Agent Brand (ATPM) PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) to expand the contest to modification Yaris car-3 or "Yaris Show Off" in 2009 in five cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, and Medan, in line with the increasing number of community vehicles segment for young children.

Jakarta (AutomotiveRoll) - The Single Agent Brand (ATPM) PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) to expand the contest to modification Yaris car-3 or "Yaris Show Off" in 2009 in five cities, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, and Medan, as with the increasing number of community-segment vehicle for young children.

"In line with the image of the vehicle as the Yaris young children, we are continuously challenging their creativity and encourage more young servant dare show the potential they have," said Johnny Darmawan Presdir TAM, in Jakarta on Thursday.

Say, each year the community owner Yaris continues to increase in line with the growth of car sales that consumers look young and spirited their young. Yaris marketed in Indonesia, the first time in 2006.

Since then, sales continue to experience growth, because according to Johnny, 4x2 medium car segment the tune. In the year ago, the demand for cars that look the young reach about 2000 to 4000 units per month. However, over the crisis this year, demand is estimated to be 2000 down to 2500 units per month.

"But the car is affordable and economical fuel, such as the Yaris, is digandrungi consumers at this time," said Johnny estimate that the car market began in June 2009 increasing significantly compared to previous months.

Accessories Manager TAM, Anton Jimmi Suwandi, adding the community owner Yaris increased reach thousands of people and the wide distribution in various cities.

Therefore, he continued, when in 2007 the contest only modification Yaris held at Jakarta in 2008 and only in the Jakarta and Surabaya, and in this year's contest was held in five major cities.

"In the 2007 participants who entered the final in the` off `Yaris show reaches 20 people, and in 2008 reached 50 participants. Therefore, this year our target of at least the number of participants in the top 50 people, considering each region will be selected for the best champion in the snatch final in Jakarta, "he said.

Anton explains race registration will begin on this day (25 / 6) with the theme "Enjoy Our Music in the Yaris." Theme, he continued, taken along with many more people "trapped" in the vehicle due to congestion.

"Around 70-80 percent of the time we are in a vehicle (to reach a place). So how to modify the car (Yaris) so that the owners and passengers in the more comfortable in the car," he said.

Anton said, the final answer from the participants in each city will be conducted in Jakarta, at the end of the year prize for merebutkan total of Rp500 million. Winner of the first contest will be one unit of Toyota Yaris. (ant)
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