Akasia Motor: Rujukan untuk modifikasi

Modifications to the car often be confused scramble-view so that the car lost the original form so as not berbekas function that is not convenient for everyday use. While there are many multiformity modification of the extreme like that until the subtil, which changes nearly invisible.

Modifying the car for some people is to affirm the existence of uniform car huddle. Some, not satisfied with the look you want to make the car better and more beautiful. Adapula who want to participate in the contest modifications. Whatever the reason, driving comfort certainly do not want to sacrifice. Variety modifications that fit between the beauty of the view outside and driving comfort, known as VIP Style.


VIP Style characterized the change is not visible outside the extreme, additional body kit and velg sized extra large, over 19 inch. Eksteriornya coated white or black when the truth will be memendarkan various colors. Interior is made neat, clean and elegant. No need to install excessive accessories. Audio systems selected spoil the ear, a focus on voice quality (SQ) and the origin is not fast (SPL). Behind that, if a car when it will be sold again, restore the original form is not difficult car.

VIP Styles come and popular in Japan. And from there spread to the whole world. "In the USA this fad dkenal as Dub Style, which is similar to VIP-like style with many additional features bling-bling (moneychangers sheen)," said Iwan, the Akasia Motor, which is known piawai handle the diversity of style modifications.

In addition to handling VIP Style, Akasia Motor also received a modification Low Rider (flat), Dub Racing Style and Style. Many of his rule modifications so that the contest to reach customers in cities outside Java, such as Palembang and Jambi. Kalimalang Bengkelnya in the area, Bekasi currently serving custom paint jobs, custom door, custom body kit, custom interior, body convertion, and sun roof.

Each time you handle a car that will be modified, prepared five alternative design which later selected car owners. "We provide a referral style design that will not upset. This is useful if the car took the contest," he said. From the experience of the contest, style purity menetukan victory. Once he said, the design of VIP-style entrance is considered to widen the application extreme style body kit which vary. As a result failed direngkuh victory, while in Japan as its own model that still fit in that VIP Style.

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