Hydrogen-powered Circulus

Hydrogen-powered Circulus

If you are sick and tired of being in those heavy traffic situations and you tend to use ecologically friendly products, this marvelous concept car will be your favorite model. This interesting car concept turns out to be powered by hydrogen. Called, Circulus this smart car is capable of turning 360 degrees which makes it highly maneuverable.

This ecologically conscious car concept feature one of the kind design as well as powerful capabilities including omni directional wheels or shape shifting rear. If your technological appetite is not yet satisfied, this breathtaking three wheeled car features one spherical front tire which makes it so maneuverable turning 360 degrees effortlessly.

This concept idea might be quite useful in those congested roads, so every experience driver would appreciate it. Two tires at the rear are designed to gain more stability on roads as well as ideal braking abilities. Its spherical tire is fuelled by an independent motor which seems to be operating on hydrogen.

Its motor is mounted at the rear part of the car. Its side body panels are constructed from recycled plastic along with polyurethane also used for seats construction. As for the rest of the parts, they are supposed to be made of aluminum making sure the car is light weight.

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