New GM Concept Car

New GM Concept Car

"We're on a journey," admitted Wayne Cherry, General Motor's vice president of design, when questioned at the automaker's top-secret design studios near Detroit. "This is a mission...We're redesigning technology..."

The impressive design feat, which is said to create a superbly smooth ride by levitating the body away from the chassis, may well be based on top-secret work in the government's closely guarded Area 51 -- where many think a crashed alien UFO has been reverse engineered to discover the principles of extraterrestrial science.

Quoted in an article in the highly respected Edmonds, "You can think of the first 100 years of automotive technology as volume one," said Larry Burns, GM vice president of research, development and planning. "And Autonomy as volume two."

Edmonds also noted that "the surface... has a pale-colored, smooth, shiny hard plastic exterior much like Apple Computer's latest laptop, the iBook," raising speculation that the computer maker and GM may well be in a collusive arrangement to develop and use alien spacecraft technology for tough, aerodynamic exteriors.

Rumors of similar developments by Ford Motor Company have so far remained unconfirmed; but with intense competition among the largest auto makers to include alien technology in new designs, there can be no doubt that they are not far behind.

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