The new Mustang

The New Mustang

I found a really exciting prototype show car while traipsing around SEMA in Las Vegas today. Seems that Galpin Auto Sports of Van Nuys took a Ford Mustang GT convertible and went COMPLETELY NUTS on it. Sure, it started out as a 2008 Mustang GT, but it is completely unrecognizable now! Hand made composite body, voice command controled, even DUAL retractible steering wheels (left and right side drive, thanks to drive-by-wire technology)!!!

In the deep, 3 layer, candy purple paint, it looks like something the Joker might drive… if he could handle the 1000 horsepower twin supercharged power!

Of course, it sits so low to ground here, at a height that it would be impractical on most any road or track, but thanks to air ride technologies’ suspension system, the computer constantly gauges the road for the optimum ride height and firmness of the ride itself. and still, it “cuts” quite a shape… and those headlights!

Here’s a nice big picture for ya:

UNfortunately, when you come around the side of the car, you see get the impression that the car’s designer was heavily influenced by his childhood playthings… Mattel Hot Wheels®.

Still, Galpin Auto Sports was aiming for a vehicle straight from the car shows of the 60’s (Autorama) that sparked people’s imagination and excitement. Given that this vehicle is COMPLETELY road worthy and driveable and not just some clay work with paint and chrome stuck on it… I’d say they goal has been FAR exceeded!

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