Third Generation Volkswagen Scirocco R2.0 TSI

Third Generation Volkswagen Scirocco R2.0 TSI
third-generation Scirocco today came off the production line at Volkswagen’s Autoeuropa plant in Portugal, just two years after the compact sports coupe / hatchback was launched into the market in 2008 and even though the German company does not offer the vehicle for sale in North America. Car number ’100,000′ is a Scirocco R 2.0 TSI, in a Rising Blue Metallic exterior finish, with a Titan Black interior.

“The Scirocco is one of the most important cars that we produce. For myself personally, it was a moving moment”, said Andreas Hinrichs, Autoeuropa Plant Manager.

The first two generations of the Scirocco sold a total of 795,650 vehicles from 1974 up until 1992, when the model was discontinued.

The new Scirocco is offered with a variety of diesel and petrol engines ranging in output from 122HP (1.4 TSI) to 265HP (‘R’ 2.0 TSI).

Third Generation Volkswagen Scirocco R2.0 TSI

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