The Audi Hydron Amphibious Super Cars

Why its called The Audi Hydron, it Amphibious Super Cars, named David Cardoso has an idea to concept and design futuristic amphibious car that has been named the Audi Hydron. it is amphibi car, it can drive on land and if needed it will be able to drive on water as well on land . the engine was powered by its own electric engine that can turn 90 degrees.. However, in the water, the Audi Hydron will be driven by hollow axe wheels.The Audi Hydron  Amphibious Super Cars
The Audi Hydron  Amphibious Super Cars new
The concept also features a number of different driving modes such as parking mode and rotation mode. Depending on what the driver prefers and the driving conditions, the Audi Hydron supports front, rear or four-wheel drive.
The Audi Hydron is a 3 seat, electric amphibious vehicle with the looks of a road car that can be used as a "boat" when necessary. Today, most amphibious vehicles are transformed road vehicles. The Hydron, on the other hand, is especially designed to give an original mix between land and water capacities

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