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With the coach, day laborer is the day of refuse because building the refuse of the trucks are all which we do a complaint none of our competitors can make. We apply 100% of our home to the building and to support the best trucks of the class 8 LCF in the businesses - the trucks with industry-principal innovations like the improved ergonomic cabins, integrated orders, and a body-frame not exceeded connects.

We have also exclusive agreements to use engines of Cummins and transmissions of Allison, and a network of service spread by all the country quickly expanding which includes concessions of Cummins now. Add management, technology, and the teams of sales the most tested in the businesses, and you will include/understand why the sales of the coach 'trucks of S Xpeditor doubled in two last years. So daily is the day of refuse for you also, coach is exact there with you.

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