Suzuki Smash Revo 2008 - Thailand

Revo is a cub model motorcycle brand of Honda in Indonesia. But, in Thailand the name Revo will be owned by Suzuki. Suzuki Smash Revo, officialy called FK110SD-E model in Suzuki. Smash Revo sounds commercially much better then Smash. Besides in Thailand, Smash Revo also sold in Vietnam. In Indonesia, it's sold in the name of Suzuki New Smash.

The weight and handling of the Suzuki Smash Revo is what you can expect from a 95 kilo, and a wheelbase of 1.23 meter. Nothing special about the handling of the bike, all we had the feeling that the 110 cc engine was a bit more powerful then the average 110 cc. Maybe the source for this extra power is the Mikuni VM-18 carburetor, the Mikuni VM-18 carburetor is often used in racing motorcycles. There are also special racing kits available for this Mikuni carburetor.

As all motorcycles in this price class, the Suzuki Smash Revo comes with electric starter and rear swing-arm with 2 coil spring the front suspension is a regular telescopic, coil Spring with oil damper. For brakes the Smash Revo has a single front Disc Brake and a rear drum brake. From the showroom the Smash Revo has spoked wheels, some dealers are maybe willing to exchange this for light metal wheels. Suzuki is using a 70/90-17 33P tire on the front wheel and a 80/90-17 43P tire on the rear wheel.

For fuel this Suzuki bike has a 4.5 liter Fuel Tank Capacity, and for fuel type it is standard Unleaded Petrol (91 Octance).

For performance Maximum power the Smash Revo can deliver 9.8 PS, at 9,000 rpm. With a Maximum Torque 1.0 kg/m at 7,000 rpm. The engine is a 110 cc 4-Strong, Single Overhead Camshaft model. Air Cooled with a bore x stroke of 53.5 x 48.8 mm with DC-CDI ignition. For lubrication we see the proved technology of SALCS (Suzuki Advanced Lubrication Cooling System) again.

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