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Car tuning has been referred by many not only as a way to modify a vehicle but it has also been called an art and a way of expression. Tuning vehicle can be done as a hobby as well as it can also be a job for many people who love these performance based machines. A vehicle can be modified in order to better suit its owner as well as to improve its performance and handling.

What a vehicle has just come out of a factory all of its accessories and characteristics are very generic and standard and the rest of the models which are being built in other words, nothing has been customized in order to fit a person's taste, by tuning a vehicle a person not only can choose the color and body work which can be applied to it, the other can also choose to improve the engine, the tires, the rims, the interior design and in many cases a vehicle owner may choose to install additional features and electronic accessories which increase the value and the level of attention the card can get.

Electronics and accessories:

This is one of the most common tuning procedures which is done to a vehicle by those who love electronics as well as cars, we live in an age where music has gone far beyond from the traditional home radio, today we are able to receive news, listen to music which is broadcasted from a satellite directly into our car stereo; others also prefer to carry a custom playlist by adding an additional MP3 player to their cars.

Additional accessories may include high-end speakers, lighting system, a DVD player as well as several widescreen monitors, this are all parts that can be customized by the comes to the interior of a vehicle it also falls within car tuning.

Performance based tuning:

Today's gas prices are climbing to record prices which is what most people are getting concerned about it and are also purchasing smaller cars which will allow them to increase their mileage and spent less at the pump, though some have large vehicles will undoubtably want to tune their cars so that it doesn't burn too much gas. The age can also read to them in order to adjust the RPM.

Additional exterior improvements also include: double exhausts, air vents, spoilers, customized bumpers, custom-made stickers and decals. These group of improvements and customizations are ultimately referred to as car tuning which may be applied to a vehicle order to turn it into a lean sexy machine.

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