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2011 Ferrari 599 GTO2011 Ferrari 599 GTO2011 Ferrari 599 GTO
Now accessible are the aboriginal photos and advice on the new Ferrari 599 GTO, an acute V12 berlinetta developed to a specific performance-oriented brief. The Ferrari 599 GTO is, in fact, the company's fastest anytime alley car. It is an absolute bound copy appropriate which, in accurate Ferrari tradition, is a absolutely new concept, admitting aggressive by a assembly car. In actuality the Ferrari 599 GTO is based on the 599XX, the avant-garde beginning clue car, and can be advised about a road-going version.

The Ferrari 599 GTO is aloof for aloof 599 audience who seek the best announcement of high-performance driving. The Ferrari 599 GTO allowances anon from the abstruse alteration from antagonism and set a almanac lap time at Fiorano in 1'24".

The Fiorano lap time provides aloof one adumbration of the abeyant of this car. Aloof as cogent are the abstruse blueprint - 670 hp in a 1495kg car represents a weight-to-power arrangement of aloof 2.23 kg/hp, and ensures a 0-100 km/h dispatch time of aloof 3.35" as able-bodied as a top acceleration of over 335 km/h.

Fundamental to the GTO's achievement is the avant-garde access to anatomy development which, for the aboriginal time on a assembly car, saw the affiliation amid a administration accoutrement acquainted for a akin of admiration that is abutting to the absolute and awful adult cyberbanking controls. The aftereffect is the about complete absence of understeer and a absolutely candid chassis.

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