Irit BBM Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius, Mobil Paling Irit Bahan Bakar

Toyota PriusToyota Prius, Mobil Paling Irit Bahan Bakar

Punya mobil irit dengan performa yang handal dan nyaman adalah dambaan. Nah, bicara soal mobil irit, kabarnya Toyota Prius adalah mobil paling irit di dunia.

Toyota Prius,
Car Most Fuel efisiensi

Have economical car with a powerful performance and comfortable is longed for. Well, speaking a matter of economical cars, they say Toyota Prius is the most economical car in the world.

Based on tests conducted by Consumer Reports, Toyota Prius and Toyota base Prius is a touring car with the most economical fuel consumption for the Toyota Prius base 1 gallon of fuel can travel through 44 miles, while the Toyota Prius touring 1 gallon to 39 miles travel.

Following list of cars economical in the world, for the consumption of 1 gallon of fuel:
1. Base Toyota Prius (44 miles)
2. Toyota Prius touring (39 miles)
3. Smart For Two Passion (39 miles)
4. Honda Civic hybrid (37 miles)
5. Toyota Camry hybrid (34 miles)
6. Scion x D (34)
7. Volkswagen Jetta TDI (33 miles)
8. Mini Cooper (33 miles)
9. Toyota Yaris Sedan (33 miles)
10. Honda Fit Sport (also 33 miles

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