Lamborghini Murcielago with Full carbon-Fiber Body kit by Prindenville

The special new murcielago by prindeville is the supercar’s with full carbon-fiber body kit, The power, the looks, the lust. And if that ain’t enough, then how about some exclusivity, as promised by British tuning boutique ‘Prindeville Prestige’?.







On the outside, minus a few changes like the different tail lamps and the underlying air vents, Prindeville’s newest Murcielago proposal features the same carbon fiber bodykit as before. The company states that with the exception of the front compartment lid, all the other factory panels, including the roof, have been replaced and restyled.




What’s really different about the new ‘Murcielago by Prindeville’ is the supercar’s interior that has been completely overhauled. The entire cabin has been upholstered in a two-tone ostrich hide while other notable features include the precision-milled aluminum accents on the dashboard and the lower part of the center console.

To emphasize the attention to detail in the car’s interior, the company’s founder Alex Prindiville said: “The standard plastic air vents aren’t worthy of the rest of the interior, so although it was a complex and therefore costly procedure, we decided to manufacture replacements from aluminum.”

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