New Cars 2010

Probably Not The 2010 Mazda3, But It Sure Is Pretty

New Cars 2010The enigmatic and strange man who runs the Burlapp Car Page has a couple shots of what he claims is the next Mazda3. While we know we're expecting a new 2010 Mazda3, these shots look more concept than production, so we're assuming that's not what we're seeing here. While not as way-out-there as the 2018 Mazda3 design contest, could these be accurate renderings of what to expect from a concept of the next generation of Mazda's zoom-zoomin' C-segment hatchback? Mazda should hope their new car actually ends up looking like this, because it'd totally be a winner. One more shot below the jump.

New Cars 2010

Jaguar XFR 2010

New Cars 2010
Ford Fiesta RS 2010

New Cars 2010Once again, Ford is teasing us with a new car in the UK. According to Auto Express, Ford will make a Fiesta RS. The RS will be a slight upgrade from the ST model, taking the 1.6-liter direct-injection EcoBoost turbo to bring power to 200hp. This should make the Fiesta RS good from zip-to-60mph in 6 seconds dead and 140mph top speed. Rumor round it also could include six-speed twin-clutch semi-auto gearbox (man, that’s a lot of words for saying semi-auto tranny) with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Once again, Ford is building something exciting for the UK/Euro market like the Mondeo, Focus ST with over 200 hp and now the little Fiesta RS. When will Ford get a clue and bring some of these cars to the US!

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